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From one of the most exalted vestiges of the horse racing world comes
This family of premium bourbons proves once and for all that the combination
of passion, hard work and honor produces greatness.


In 1924, William Monroe Wright, a successful entrepreneur and owner of Calumet Baking Powder Company, established a farm on a small beautiful pasture in Lexington, Kentucky. Initially breeding and racing Standard-bred horses, it was Wright's son Warren who moved towards Thoroughbred racing. Warren would lead the farm to eight (8) Kentucky Derby winners and two (2) Triple Crown winners. It's with these high standards that Calumet Farm Bourbon Whiskey embodies the tradition and excellence of Kentucky bourbon and Thoroughbred racing.


A Winning Spirit


Small Batch

The barrels chosen for this small batch have been though a rigorous selection process and match the depth and flavor profile needed to craft this highly rated bourbon. 

Single Rack Black - 10

This offering matures on a single, center cut rack for over 10 years. Then this extremely small batch of 19 barrels, is crafted into one of our premier bourbons.

Single Rack Black - 12

Hand-selected barrels must be aged for over 12 years and meet strict aroma, taste and finish criteria to be chosen in crafting this premium Kentucky bourbon.



Unique cocktails, crafted specifically for the Calumet Farm family of premium bourbons.